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The secondhand car market is growing all over the world. This is due to high taxes and the emergence of more and more electric vehicles. Consumers looking for second hand cars buy them from garages or private individuals.

When it comes to the second hand car warranties, the buyer is disadvantaged. Some garages give a short warranty period, but most sellers offer none. It means that the buyer is taking most or all of the risk. To mitigate this risk, a buyer should take the time to check the car properly. However, this requires specific expertise from the buyer.

Most car buyers do not have much knowledge or expertise in automobile techniques. When buying from a garage, the difference in knowledge between the seller and the buyer even widens, resulting in more disadvantages for the buyer. 

Vroem is building up a community of qualified mechanics that are willing to help and advise second hand car buyers during the buying process. The goal is to make sure that it does not matter where the buying location is. Instead, Vroem can match you to a mechanic that is nearby.

The architecture of the platform will be similar to the Airbnb platform. However, instead of looking for a sleeping spot, you will be able to find mechanics and their rates and rating in the neighborhood where your secondhand car is for sale.

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Secondhand Car


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Marketing: outreach building up community, data gathering. Platform architecture, design and development.



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