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Try Hards

NFT’s in games are becoming very popular, Tryhards is a blockchain based game. Besides playing the game, Tryhard enables users to utilize the web based platform to sell, buy and mint various NFT’s. These NFT’s can be in-game items, characters or skill sets, that enhance the user’s powers in the game. The platform has its own currency: Crystals, that can be used to level up or to upgrade weapons or Fanatics.

The project was led by our Lead Blockchain Developer. Discovery workshops were held together with Tryhard’s founding team to identify and spec out all the core features of the platform. Based on that, we defined the architecture for the project – including Blockchain development stack. Research was conducted to determine which chain would be most suitable, depending on the project requirements.

The second stage was the smart contract development process. We developed market places, loot boxes, staking and energy contracts for Fanatics, weapons and Crystals. The front-end and web app development team, as well as the project manager, organized sprints and started developing the product using the SCRUM Framework. At the same time, the back-end team opted to integrate the back-end with the innovative product Moralis. Throughout the project, we ensured that the back-end and front-end development teams worked collaboratively.

Finally, we developed a robust system architecture both on the Polygon blockchain and web app side. We created an innovative Web3 product and ERC20 token – TRY. A platform which has its own marketplace, refinery, plaza and smuggler for opening loot boxes.


With the rapidly increasing interest in NFTs and more precisely in NFT based games, our team had to help Tryhard’s founding team create the platform for a game that would be capable of providing high performance with the lowest gas fees for the users. Simultaneously, we had to keep both a super-high development pace and agility to easily shift in plans during the whole period.


We developed a robust system architecture both on the Polygon blockchain and web app side. Using an innovative Web3 product – we cut integration time with blockchain by several times. Our developers created an ERC20 token – TRY. We also created several smart contracts enabling users to open mystery “Lootboxes” and mint different types of NFTs, stake in TRY liquidity pool, facilitate trading weapons through the in-game NFT assets marketplace, upgrade characters, Fanatics, etc.

The Smuggler

With the help of the smuggler, users are able to open lootboxes – mystery boxes – and get characters or weapons that they can later mint and use in the game. The more unique and strong the character/weapon – the lower the chance for it to be found in the Lootbox. Randomization of NFT features is powered by Chainlink VRF.


Crystals are the primary resource that keeps the Arena rolling. They are an essential resource since they help to level up Fanatics so that they can develop new impressive skills that can make the difference between victory and defeat. The minerals in the refinery differ according to their quality. Users can visit a refinery any time they want to upgrade Crystals or downgrade them into several low-quality Crystals.


The Plaza is an in-game NFT marketplace, where users can buy Fanatics or weapons, choose their own Fanatic/weapon to sell and set their own price, and manage all their listings. Futhermore, the Plaza is the place where players can also see all the transactions made in the game Metaverse, things that have been purchased and sold.


The Inventory is where users manage their Fanatics and Weapons NFTs. They can sort and filter NFTs, see collections, initiate transfers and view logs of transactions.

Liquidity Pool

We built a smart contract to create a TRY / MATIC LP and provide liquidity to swap MATIC and TRY in a decentralized way. Users can provide liquidity to the pool, harvest rewards from swapping transactions and unstake their LP tokens any time.


Users can stake their crypto in the pool, get universe powers and harvest generated Crystals


Project details




6-12 m



Solution Architecture, Smart Contracts Development, Web Development, Integration of Website with Blockchain and Crypto Wallets.



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