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Defi City

The concept of decentralized finance is emerging gradually. “Defi City” is a browser-based virtual platform that gamifies DeFi yield farming. This project has an innovative approach to creating a user-friendly platform and visualizing DeFi yield farming. In addition, users can track and manage key performance yield farming indicators.

The popularity and necessity of NFT’s increases rapidly. However, creating an NFT product is complex work, requiring many different domains. Creating a streamlined blockchain-based product is the priority, then crafting a customer journey map based on the web. Finally, all product elements, including blockchain, web, crypto wallet, etc., require smooth integration.

We developed the solution’s architecture with its integration plan and a flexible, future product development capacity. Our blockchain developers created several intelligent contracts and two main NFTs. Defi city coin is used for any transaction fee regarding the product and a Defi City Token. You can earn money, sell or buy these NFTs anytime. These processes take place on the website [].

After registration, a user connects the system with a crypto wallet – Metamask or Binance. Once the user is all set, they are ready to use any feature on the site. For example, the website has an Open Scroll feature, which allows the user to see randomly generated buildings that can be minted on a blockchain. Each building has its specifications and a different probability of appearing on the Open Scroll. The user can also  craft a city; crafting is an upgrade process in which the user chooses an existing building and upgrades it. The user can for example select three equal towns with the same properties and determine which property to upgrade. Once they have crafted a better city, the old NFTs will be burned, and a new city will be minted. Crafting costs 100 DFC tokens. 75% of this will be burned, and 25% will be used for future development.


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Decentralized finance


6-12 m


Defi City


Solution architecture, Blockchain Development, Web Development, game development Integration WEB Blockchain and Crypto Wallet



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