Solar Panels

Renewable energy

Solar Panels

The software product supports companies working on solar panels to automate their business processes and digitize their approach. It is designed to fulfill all the requirements for pre-installation and business management.

The user creates a project and inputs all the necessary data using the software. The software offers a broad spectrum of functionalities, such as visualizing the project planning, using satellite pictures to determine the best places for solar panel installation. The software also calculates solar energy generated on the specific rooftop. This tool can automatically calculate the budget considering all the materials and equipment used in the project. The software also offers to create invoices and reports on sales and expenses automatically, monitoring the whole sales process step by step.

First, it was essential to conduct the design audit. Our team has recreated the design for all the devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. The second step was to rewrite the existing code and integrate it with the 3rd party products. After the execution, the result was a completely new robust product, created using an innovative approach that provides much more flexibility for the user.

Project details


Renewable energy


6-12 m


Energy service center


Design Audit, Redesign, Full code refactoring & improvement



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