Expand your Product team with the right talent

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Perfect management of service delivery

You have a vision, and we have the expertise and resources to turn it into a tangible product. With your supervision, we establish the project's goals, deadlines, and budget and take complete responsibility for its execution. Together, we build a team of experts and work on a fixed-scope model with precise deliverables.

Perfect access to the local talent pool

We fill the gaps in your staff and add profiles to enhance your team. Integrating seamlessly into your workflow and crew, they bring deep expertise to your work.

Plus, We offer to do the test month as well.

Perfect match for the project

We provide a remote product team that would take you a lot of time and frustration to assemble.

We work with SCRUM, and you control the project's direction as a product owner.

We are a full-service software agency

We take your product from concept to reality with deep expertise in every phase of the product life cycle.

Here are some of the technologies we have in-depth experience with.


Defi City

It is a browser-based, Blockchain game that makes DeFi yield farming more fun by allowing anyone to visualize their farms and track key indicators in real-time

Used tools and stacks


NFT Based Blockchain Shooter game Powered by Polygon, where players play, win & earn

Used tools and stacks

Energy Service Center

The software product supports companies working on solar panels to automate their business processes and digitalize their approach

Used tools and stacks

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