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Broccoli is a company born out of the high need for IT services in western Europe. The founders are a mix of IT specialists in tech, finance and recruitment. It is Broccoli’s philosophy that with great care for selection and management, a combination of countries and cultures can add up to more than the sum of the parts.

” We grow together “

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About Us

Broccoli positions itself as a digital agency. This means that we provide services on the full spectrum of digital products. Our services include product analysis, design, development, digital marketing, data science & artificial intelligence. Broccoli helps clients turn their ideas into reality. Broccoli can do this by supporting the client through the entire life cycle of their product or by aiding the client in areas where they are understaffed or missing the correct experience and specialism.

Broccoli can offer this broad range of services because of our massive network of specialists and resources. In addition, because of the optimal implementation of nearshoring, we found a perfect mix of domestic and external specialists, ensuring we can provide the best quality while offering a fair and competitive price.

Broccoli Secondment and Team Augmentation

Broccoli believes that when your network gets bigger and bigger, you should share the knowledge in different ways. So, instead of being just a contractor, Broccoli also provides the service of secondment and team Augmentation. The mix of services, digital agency contractors, and secondment makes Broccoli different from other staff augmentation companies.

Broccoli offers specialists that we also work with internally. In other words, we rent you the staff that we would also work with!

“We grow together”    

Keep up with the Broccoli

Keep up with
the Broccoli

Keep up with the Broccoli

Keep up with the Broccoli